Dual thermocouple gauge w/probes

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Price: $125

Finally, a thermocouple gauge for serious engine modifiers.

This gauge outperforms others that cost more than 3 times as much.
Display two temperatures with one gauge, such as EGT and intake charge.
The temperature difference between probes can also be displayed, great for intercoolers!

  • Two thermocouple inputs
  • Two analog outputs for datalogging
  • Two exposed tip thermocouple probes included
  • Display can be easily reconfigured to show any two of the following:
    -Probe #1 temperature
    -Probe #2 temperature
    -Probe #1 peak temperature
    -Probe #2 peak temperature
    -Temperature difference (subtract Probe #1 from Probe #2)
    -Temperature difference (subtract Probe #2 from Probe #1)
    -Peak temperature difference (subtract Probe #1 from Probe #2)
    -Peak temperature difference (subtract Probe #2 from Probe #1)

  • *Exposed tip thermocouples should not be immersed in liquid.

    Gauge designed, manufactured, and tested in Southern California, USA!

    Dual thermocouple gauge USER MANUAL (PDF)

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